HRcalendar - User's Guide

HRcalendar - User's Guide

This guide will show you how to perform a variety of common tasks within HRcalendar.

Table of Contents - Alphabetized by Topic 

Instructions - Getting Started - Getting started with HRcalendar.

Absence Entry - Enter absences in the calendar.

Adding a New User (same Workstation) -How to configure the software for a new user on the same workstation.

Alternative to HRcalendar  - Learn about Gradience Attendance, an alternative to HRcalendar.

Backup and Restore - How to perform backups and to restore an older backup.

Data not Visible after Restore - Data not visible after restore.

Database - Backup and Restore - Perform backups of the database.

Database - Moving the Enterprise Database to a New Server - How to move an Enterprise database.

Database - Moving the Standalone Database to a New Computer - How to move a Standalone database.

Departments - Enter - How to enter Departments.

Employee Personal Information - Enter - How to enter employee personal information.

E-mailing Reports - E-mail reports.

Enter Time-Off for the coming Year - How to add to an employee's time-off bank.

Error: - Crystal Reports Runtime Error When Running Reports - How to correct Crystal report errors.

Error: - Reports Require Password - How to correct report errors.

Holidays - Enter - How to enter holidays into the system.

Job Title/Position - Enter - Enter employee job titles and positions.

License Renewal - How to input your newly renewed license.

Move Data [only] to a New Computer - How to relocate your database to a new computer.

Move HRcalendar Enterprise to a New Server and Repoint Client Workstations(s) - How to move HRcalendar Enterprise

Move HRcalendar Enterprise to a New Client Workstation - How to add a new HRcalendar Enterprise Client.

Move HRcalendar Standalone to a New Computer - How to move HRcalendar Standalone to a new PC.

Organization Name - Enter  - How to input your organization name.

Password Protect HRcalendar - Enable HRcalendar to require a password to open.

Reports - A list of reports found in HRcalendar.

Required Port for Enterprise version - How to configure a port in Microsoft SQL.

Time-Off Earned - How to enter time-off for the coming year.

Update for FREE - How to update HRcalendar.

Vacation/Sick Day Tracking Report Appears to be Incorrect - Vacation/Sick Day Tracking explanation. 



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