TimeClock - Resetting a Work Schedule

--CAUTION!-- We cannot guarantee that resetting the Work Schedule will retroactively correct the way hours were reporting but in virtually every case doing so does retroactively correct the way hours are reported. Remember too that this alone wil not ensure correct overtime calculations.  For overtime to calculate correctly, you must ensure that the assigned work schedule is set to render overtime correctly, whether daily such as in the state of California or weekly as required by the minimum federal regulation. 

Reset the Effective Date of the Work Schedule:

1. Click TimeClock Access and select an individual whose time was calculated incorrectly.

2. At the bottom right, click History. A popup will open. Double-click on the work schedule that has been changed and click Yes to the message.  A second popup will open.

3. Enter a Start Date that is one month before the date you want the new rules to take effect. This will not affect existing Time Card Runs.

4. Do not enter an End Date if the new rules are to remain in effect going forward. See illustration below.

5. Click Save > Close

6. Click TimeClock Entries and enter a date range that previously reported incorrectly and see whether the time now is being reported correctly.




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