TimeClock - Time Clock Remote

Getting Started with TimeClock Remote

This article assumes that you already know how to:

--NOTE-- The Timeclock Remote application must be running at all times in order to update the date/time and poll the clock for punches.

Opening your Timeclock Remote application:

Click Start > Programs > Gradience > Timeclock Remote


Login with your Gradience login and password

Connecting and Adding New Clocks

If you already have a terminal configured, press the Connect button. This will sync the date and time with the clock as long as the Time Clock Remote program is running. So, it must stay running and can be minimized.


If you need to add a new terminal: click File > New Terminal and add the IP Address. You can give the Terminal a name as well. Port is defaulted to 1070.

--NOTE-- The Connect on Startup option means that if you shutdown the workstation or log out, when you re-open the application it eliminates the need to press the Connect button. 



Anytime an employee clocks in or out it will show their magstripe number under Last Message Received. If you need to assign employees this is where you would note the %number? message. In Gradience TimeClock under Time Clock Access for each employee, the unique number needs to match up under the section labelled Swipe Card ID (see example above).

Swipe Card Setup instructions

Relocating Time Clock Remote:

1. If you need to move the TC Remote Program you'll need to note the IP address of the Remote Swipe Card Reader (black box) .

2. Unplug the Remote Swipe Card Reader (black box) for 60 seconds.

3. At the [new] workstation or server that will handle the duties of the TC Remote program, open the TC Remote program. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Gradience > TimeClock Remote

4. Log into it the first time with whatever login and password you normally use to open Gradience.

--NOTE-- If you receive a message about moving the terminal, click Yes.

5. Click File > New Terminal.

6. Enter the IP address of the Remote Swipe Card Reader (black box).

7. Click Connect. Shortly after this, you should see the message... [Terminal Connected

--NOTE-- Repeat the process for any additional Remote Swipe Card Readers (black boxes) you may have.



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