TimeClock - TimeClock Access

Assigning TimeClock Access

To allow employees to clock in and out, Enable Employee TimeClock Access will need to be checked under TimeClock Access. You also may give employees access to create, edit and/or delete their own time entries.

To assign access to an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Select the employee you want to allow to clock in/out by clicking on his or her name in the browse window.

  2. Select the TimeClock Access button.

  3. Enter a login name. The employee will use this to log in to clock in/out and to gain access to the My TimeClock feature. My TimeClock allows employees to see their time entries.

  4. Enter a password, and enter it again in the Verify Password block.

Employee and Manager Access Levels

There are two main levels of security to Gradience TimeClock: Employee Level and Manager (or Administrator Level).

Employee Level Access – This only allows access to Clock In/Out and access to the My TimeClock feature, which will allow individuals access to their timecard histories. This also will allow them to create new time entries, edit existing entries, and/or delete their existing entries. Access to the In/Out Board may also be given. Setting up employee-level access consists of setting up access on the TimeClock Access screen.

Manager Level Access – This will allow managers access to selected employee timecard entries. They may create, edit and delete entries for these employees. They’ll also have access to the In/Out Board. Managers at least may have access to everything or only a few Administration screens. Having one Manager Login that has access to everything is required. You may create other Manager Logins that have partial access to the Administration screens they need. For example, a payroll administrator may need only access to View/Edit Employee’s Time Card Entries, Create & Edit Work Schedules and to Timecard Runs. The other screens would be set for No Access. 

Setting up Employee Access for Use with the Fingerprint Reader:

  1. From within the TimeClock Administration, go to TimeClock Access.

  2. Select an employee to edit.

  3. Under the Fingerprint heading, click on the Add button and follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Under the TimeClock Access heading, place a check mark in the Enable Employee TimeClock Access checkbox. If this is unchecked, the selected employee will not have access to clock in/out.

  5. Click the Save button when completed.



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