TimeClock - In/Out Board Feature

In/Out Board Feature

You may follow the steps in the text below or you may print-out the one-page PDF at the bottom of this article.

Purpose of the In/Out Board:

The In/Out Board allows the user to see at a glance which employees are currently clocked in or out. Often, organizations require all employees to clock in and out whether they are hourly or salaried employees. This allows anyone with rights to the In/Out Board to be able to see at a glance who is in and who is out.

Granting Access to the In/Out Board:

1. On the left, click TimeClock Access.  

2. Select the employee name.

3. At lower-right of the screen, click the down arrow next to In Out Board Access.

4. Make your selection from the drop-down menu.

5. Click Save.

Accessing the In/Out Board:

1. To access the In/Out Board, open Gradience TimeStation.

2. The person who has been granted access may click the In/Out Board button at the top.



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