Attendance - How to use the Calendar

This article will guide you through the commonly used functions of our Calendar view.

To access this feature click on Calendar at the top of the listed items on the far left.


Entering Leave on the Calendar:

  1. Click Calendar on the far left.
  2. Select an employee name under Employee Select.
  3. On the far right, click on the appropriate time-off code.
  4. Click on the date that leave is taken.
    --NOTE-- The amount of time taken (used) will default to the number of hours the employee works in a day. This amount would have been entered in the Employee Detail screen. If you wish to adjust the number of hours used on a particular date, refer to the instructions Adjust leave duration on a given date below.

Adjust leave duration on a given date:

There are two ways to adjust the duration of time-off on a particular date.

Option One: Use the convenient fraction buttons of ¼ Day, ½ Day, ¾ Day above the calendar.

  1. From the calendar screen, click on the time-off code on the right.
  2. For the appropriate fraction of a day, click on the corresponding button above the calendar.
  3. Click on the date of the leave.
  4. Click Save.

Option Two: Use the Absence Detail feature to adjust the leave to an amount the fraction buttons don’t allow. If the duration of the leave is other than ¼ Day, ½ Day, ¾ Day, follow the steps below:

  1. From the calendar screen, click on the time-off code on the right and then click on the day when leave is taken.
  2. Right-click the code after applying it to the calendar and select Absence Detail from the pop-out list that appears.
  3. In the Absence Detail pop-up window, click on the number of hours indicated next to the time-off code.
  4. Enter the actual duration of the absence.
    --NOTE-- Time is indicated in decimals, not hours and minutes.
  5. Click OK. You will be returned to the calendar.




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