Records - EEO/Other


This feature allows you to enter, view and print EEO information as required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  This information should be kept confidential and be used strictly for EEO reporting purposes.

1. To edit, click on EEO on the left, then view the right part of the screen.

  • Under EEO enter the appropriate EEO Category, Race, check if an Apprentice, and select the appropriate Sex.
  • Under Other, enter the Clearance Level, Clearance Date, License, Marital Status and Veteran Status.
  • Under I-9, indicate whether it has been Verified, indicate the I-9 Review Date and click Save.

2. To view, select the employee and then, click on EEO on the left.  The employee’s EEO information will appear.

3. To print, click on Preview, then either EEO Detail or EEO Summary.

  • The EEO Detail Report shows the data used to compile the EEO Summary Report.
  • The EEO Summary Report shows each of the U.S. government-recognized EEO classifications and totals by category.



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