Records - Education


Enter, view and print information about an employee’s educational background.

--TIP-- You can create various options in the Education & School Drop-Down Menus such as Colleges, degrees and other options at the Drop Down Menu Setup, visit this article to learn more. We recommend that you do this before proceeding with this article.

Selecting Educational Background:

Click on Education on the left.  For School and Degree select from the drop-down menus. If the item you need is not on the menu, you may click directly in the field and type whatever you wish and click Save.

Enter whether the employee Graduated and the Date he/she graduated.  

In the Comments area, enter any comments you wish or paste copied files then, click Save


To view, select the employee and then, click on Education on the left.  The employee’s educational background will appear on the right.


To print, click on the name of any school listed and click Preview.  An Education Report will open indicating all of the employee’s educational background that has been entered.  Click the Print icon at the top left of the report.



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