Attendance - Time-Off Banks

Gradience comes already setup with the following three Time-Off Banks:              

  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Personal

You may remove, rename or add additional Time-Off Banks. Deleting Time-Off Banks will be discussed HERE as a separate article.

WATCH our short video on how to change and add Time-Off Banks.

--IMPORTANT-- These are not the reasons people are absent. They are the banks that hold earned Time-Off that people use when they take paid leave.

Changing the Name of a Time-Off Bank:

1. Go to SettingsTime-Off Banks.

2. Click on the current bank name over on the left and then type the new name over the existing name in the upper right.

4. Click Save, and close this screen.

5. On the left, click Time-Off Assignments. If you don't see the name change, click on the X just below the Gradience logo in the upper right.

6. On the left, click Time-Off Assignments. When the screen opens, you’ll see the name change.

--NOTE-- It is highly suggested that you add the word Bank to each of the banks listed. Rather than having:

  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Personal

You would instead have:

  • Vacation Bank
  • Sick Bank
  • Personal Bank

--IMPORTANT-- Many NEW users of the software mistakenly add new banks called: No Call No Show, Unexcused, Jury Duty, Tardy.

There is no need to create such banks as these are fall under Absence Reason Codes. To know more about Absence Reason Codes visit this ARTICLE.

--NOTE--  You do not need multiple Time-Off Banks for the same type of Time-Off, since one group of employees may earn differently from another.


  • Salaried employees may earn Vacation differently than Hourly employees. 
  • Union employees may earn Personal Time differently than Non-union employees.
  • Full-Time employees may earn Sick Time differently than Part-Time employees.

When this sort of thing happens, you should create a unique Time-Off plan for each group. All groups still use the same Time-Off Bank.

Creating new Time-Off Banks:

1. Click Settings > Time-Off Banks.

2. When the popup opens click New at the top of the page and on the right, type the name of your new Time-Off Bank.

3. Enter a default Time-Off plan if you wish. When you enter a new employee he/she will automatically be assigned this default Time-Off plan for this new Absence Category/Time-Off Bank. This does [not] apply to employees already in the database.


4. Click Save.

5. Close this screen and then, on the left, click Time-Off Banks. Once on the Time-Off Banks screen, you will be able to view the new Time-Off Bank you’ve created. If the new one is not visible, click the ‘X’ just under the Gradience logo in the upper-right.  Click Time-Off Assignments and the new bank will be visible in the shaded column. 



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