OSHA Manager - User's Guide

Gradience OSHA Manager User's Guide

This guide will show you how to perform a variety of common tasks within the Gradience OSHA Manager

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Backing Up and Restoring Data How to backup and restore OSHA data.

Data Location Location of the OSHA data file.

Menu Commands Menu commands used in OSHA Manager.

Move Gradience OSHA Manager and Data to a New Computer Move OSHA Manager to a new PC.

Product Key: How to Enter How to enter your license key for OSHA Manager.

Smart Update by ComplyRight TM Stay in compliance via Smart Update.

Software Support & Training Your support/training options.

System Requirements System requirements for OSHA Manager.

Updates - FREE Take advantage of periodic updates to OSHA Manager.

Using Gradience OSHA Manager Instructions for using OSHA Manager.

Fill-in Screen is Partially Hidden How to correct this display issue.







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