Records - Benefit Plans

Create, assign and edit Benefits/Benefit Plans for your employees.

--NOTE-- The content of this article only applies if the checkbox under: Global Settings > Records, is left unchecked.

Creating Benefit Plans

1. To create a new benefit click Settings > Benefit Plans.  The Benefit Plans screen will open.

2. Click New. The Edit Benefit Plans screen will open.  Under Type, make a selection and then, enter data as needed.

3. Enter a Plan Name, Insurance Company Name, Address of the Insurance Company Phone Number of Insurance Company.

4. Enter the month of Open Enrollment and the minimum number of hours the employee and enter the age caps for dependents.

5. Make a selection for how the plan coverage will end.

6. Check the box for Require Beneficiary [only] if you want this benefit to accrue to a family member.

7. Choose your COBRA payment option.

8. Click New Tier, double-click in the tier name field & enter the tier name such as Tier One, or Individual, or Primary, etc.

9. Click the field under Type, click the down arrow and select the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu. (Single, Single + 1, or Family) 

10. Double-click the field under Rate and enter the total monthly dollar cost. (employer & employee cost combined)

11. If you wish to show the employer and employee rates as a percentage rather than dollars, check Apply as a %.

12. Under Employer Rate double-click the field to enter either the percentage or dollar amount that is appropriate.

13. If applicable, double-click the field under Regular Admin Fee % to enter your regular COBRA admin fee. (2% max)

14. If applicable, double-click the field under Disabled Admin Fee % to enter your COBRA admin fee for a disabled participant (50% max) and then, click Save.

Assigning Benefit Plans

1. Assign the benefit to the employee first. Click Benefits over on the left.

2. Select the employee to whom this benefit is to be assigned and then click New at the top right area of the screen under then head bar "Benefits".

3. Enter the Effective Date, Type, Plan, and Rate Tier.  Check or uncheck Waive this Benefit as appropriate.

4. Check or uncheck Use Rates From Tier as appropriate. 

5. If Waive this Benefit is “unchecked” make the appropriate entries that follow. 

6. Skip the Termination of Benefits area, and skip the Coverage End Date when first assigning the benefit.

7. In the Participants area, check the appropriate names.

8. In the Comments area, you may enter any comments you wish or paste files you may have copied and click Save.

--NOTE-- if certain beneficiaries are not listed visit our article on How to Add Personal Contacts - ARTICLE

View Benefit Plans

To view benefits assigned to an employee select the employee and then, click on Benefits on the menu on the left side of the screen. A screen will open to the right which will show all currently assigned benefits to the selected employee.

Print Benefit Plans

To print Benefit Plans to hand out information regarding that Plan. Go to Settings > Benefit Plans. Double Click on an existing Benefit Plan to open the Edit Benefit Plan window, click on the Print button between the Help and Close button.

Print an Employee's Benefit Plan

To print an employee's benefit plan detail, follow the steps above to view Benefits, select the Benefit Plan assigned to the employee you want to print, then click on Preview. A preview window will open where you can find the Print Icon to the left part of the window.



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