Records - Accidents


Enter, view and print on-site accident information as required by OSHA.  This feature in Gradience complies with OSHA Form 301 and must be completed within 7 calendar days after you receive the information of a work-related injury or illness has occurred.  The information must be kept on file for five (5) years following the year to which it pertains, in accordance with Public Law 91-596 and 29 CFR1904 (OSHA’s Record keeping Rule).

  • To enter on-site accident information, Browse to the affected employee, click Accidents> New and make appropriate entries and click Save.


  • To view, Browse to the affected employee, on the far right of the screen select the accident to View by either double clicking or clicking on Edit after selecting an accident.
  • If you need to Print out and accident or Accident detail. Select the accident and click on Preview. Once clicked, select either Accident or Accident Detail. A new screen will open where you will be able to find and click on the Print Icon located on the left part of the new screen.





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