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Using Gradience OSHA Manager

Using Gradience OSHA Manager is an easy process.  Here are some quick setup steps to get you started. 

CAUTION!  The software does [not] save in real time. It saves on exit only.  When entering large amounts of data be sure to exit frequently. Each time you exit, the entries you made are saved.

Establishment Information


The first window you will see is the [Establishment Information] window.  Here you will enter your establishment name and address, Industry description (manufacture of motor truck trailers, medical supply distribution, restaurant, etc.). 

Next, you will be asked to provide your SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), or if you prefer, you may enter your NAICS (North American Industrial Classification) number instead. You must enter one or the other. After you finish entering the required information, click Save.



Injury / Illness Event tab osha2.png
After entering your Establishment Information, you will next view the main OSHA window.  The first tab is the [Injury / Illness Event] tab.  This tab has two buttons, one which lets you [Create a New Event] and a second labeled [Find Existing Event] used to retrieve events already entered in the system.



Click Create New Event to create a new event.  On the window which appears, you will be given a selection of questions to answer regarding the event.  Two buttons, Next and Cancel, let you navigate to more options or stop the event process.  The first window which appears asks you to answer five questions which will determine whether or not the event needs to be recorded or not according to OSHA standards.  

After answering the questions and clicking Next, Gradience OSHA Manager tells you whether the event needs to be recorded, and if NOT, why the event does not require recording.  Click the Tell Me Why button to view information on why OSHA does not require this event to be recorded. Otherwise, click OK to return to the main window.

Note: The Case # field only allows up to 3 characters. It will accept more than three but when adding an event afterwards you run the risk of encountering a program error. 

What happens if the event [does not] need to be recorded?

If the event does not need to be recorded a popup window will appear indicating that the event does not need to be recorded.


You may click OK to end the task or you may click Tell Me Why to get a reason why the event does not need to be recorded. See an example below. We indicated that the event was [not] work related so that is why the particular popup shown below appeared.


What happens if the event [does] need to be recorded?
If the event needs to be recorded, a popup window will appear indicating that the event must be recorded.


Click Continue and Gradience OSHA Manager will take you to the next screen which contains questions regarding the event. You start with the [Report Date], and answer if this case is a "privacy concern" case (Click the green question mark to the right of the question to read more about privacy concern cases). You will be asked for information on the individual entering the form data, the employee, and information about the case. Once complete, click Save to record the event.


Click Save to finalize the recording of this event.

Click Find Existing Events - to find an event you have already recorded.


On the window that appears, you're presented with all the events that have been recorded in OSHA Manager in a sort-able grid. In our illustration below, ther is only one event shown. As more events are recorded, additional "rows" will appear.

The default sort for this grid is the [Case Number]. However, all of the columns are searchable and sort-able. Click the column once to sort in ascending order, click it again to sort in descending order. The name of the active sort column appears next to the navigation buttons. Also, the column being sorted can be searched. The name of the active search column appears next to the search box.


Click Edit to open the event.


Reports tab 


The [Reports] tab lets you access all OSHA reports. From here, you can select a report and run reports which are associated with a case.  There are nine reports you can run, and each can be individually selected by clicking the option button next to the report name.  Once you select a report, the  purpose for which the report is used will appear below. The illustration at right shows that we have selected the Accident / Detail Report.


Run Report





Research OSHA Rules tab
This tab provides research information which is updated regularly via ComplyRight SmartUpdate.  When The government issues new rules, we will update the software accordingly. When this happens, the software will notify you that a FREE update is now available for download. 

CAUTION! The FREE updates referred to in the preceding paragraph are only available while your license is current. Once your license has expired, the software will stop functioning and no updates will be available. To ensure that you are able to continue to take advantage of these FREE updates, you must renew your license annually.


In this topic we discussed how to use Gradience OSHA Manager, the menu items, and selected windows.  Now you should be familiar enough with Gradience OSHA Manager to use the program in your daily work.  Remember to record events as they occur according to OSHA record keeping requirements. Please review the CAUTION that appears at the top of this page.






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