Forms Manager - Send the Forms Folder to Tech Support

Note:  Some e-mail services have restrictions on the transmission of attachments. Please check with your administrator to verify that your e-mail system will support sending attachments. 

1. Go to Start, click on Run, type in hrware.ini, and click OK.

2. Look for:


Run_Path=C:\Program Files\Gradience\Forms Manager\FormMgr.exe 

Note: Your path may be different.  Jot down the Run Path or print out the hrwar.ini file to use as a guide in navigating to where the folder is located.

1. Close out of the hrware.ini file and navigate through Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer) to where the Forms Manager folder is located. 

2. Right Click on Forms Manager and select your Zip/Compress feature and while doing so place a password on the new file. Note of where you are saving it.

3. Go to and click on Submit a Request and attach the file and attach it to the support ticket. Please be sure to inform us of the added password.




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