Gradience Records Pro / Enterprise - How To: Move Records Only to new Computer

Many years ago it was possible to purchase Gradience Records as a single software title. In December 2012, this title was bundled with Gradience Attendance (Pro / Enterprise). Both titles continue to function independently while sharing the same database but they can no longer be purchased individually. They come as a pair. The new combined title is:

Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping

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Downloading the Current Version:

Visit the website and download the latest version of the software:

The installation file you get will look like this:

When you run this installation file, you will be given the option to select the particular software title. You will not see Records listed. This is because it is included with Attendance so select Attendance.

Although the title is different it will work for you. When you install it, it will give you a green desktop shortcut for Gradience Attendance as shown below rather than the red Gradience Records icon with which you are familiar.


When you open the software, you will see a tab for each software title in the upper right. Simply click the tab for the title you wish to use.


If you want the shortcut to open Gradience Records directly, you must right-click on the shortcut and choose Properties. When the popup opens, click the Shortcut tab. Then change the last part of the Target from 100 to 200.

Windows 7 Example:

Doing this will [not] change the "look" of the desktop shortcut from the [green] "Gradience Attendance" to the more familiar [red] "Gradience Records" you are used to seeing but it will cause the shortcut to take you directly into Gradience Records rather than into Gradience Attendance.

Enter Product Key:

To enter a product key, you must be in Gradience Attendance. Then go to: Help > Enter Product Key



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