Gradience Pro / Enterprise - ODBC Connection to the Database

Connect to a Gradience Database via ODBC Driver

Access the database with an ODBC Driver that will allow you to connect to the
database through third party software, such as Crystal Reports to create custom reports.

You may read the material that follows or you may print-out the one page PDF below.

--NOTE-- We do not support setting up access to the database via ODBC. These instructions are provided as a courtesy.


The following steps will assist setting up an ODBC driver to access the database:

1. Set up a Guest User account through the program by going to Settings > Guest User. This is where you will set up a Login, Name and Password, and which tables to which you want to have access and the level of access required.

--NOTE-- If you do not see Settings > Guest User - Click Settings > User Rights and when the Security Maintenance screen opens, go to the Features list in the lower-right and scroll down to Guest User and set it to Yes. Click Save and close out of the User Rights window.

2. Install an ODBC driver that is compatible. See the file at the bottom of this page.

3. Set up the ODBC driver through  Control Panel > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources (32bit).

4. Add the driver from the System DSN tab.

5. If adding the driver for EasySoft, use EasySoft IB6 ODBC (the one without UNICODE). 

6. DSN: - this is where you will enter a name such as: Gradience DB or Firebird DSN.

7. Description: - this field is optional.

8. Server: - some of the drivers will have this block and some will not. This is where you will enter the Server Name. If the driver you are setting up doesn’t have this block enter the server name in the Database block. 

9. Database: - this is where you will add the database path. If the driver you’re setting up doesn’t have a block to enter the Server name, then you would enter it before the database path, such as: server1: c:\program files\gradience\Data\hrware.gdb. Notice the colon after the server name. The server name will be left off if the database is on a local drive.

10.User Name: - this is the User Name that you set up for the Guest User account.

11.Password:  this is the Password that you set up for the Guest User account.

12.Dialect: - this should be set to 3

13.All other blocks, such as Role and Character Set should be left blank or at the default setting.

14.Test – Click Test to check the connection.

15.Open your third party software, such as Access or Crystal Reports and connect to the database (hrware.gdb). If the ODBC driver didn’t have a block for the Login and Password, it will ask for it when connecting to the database. You will only have access to those tables you specified under Guest Users.



--NOTE-- If you receive a message: unavailable database - make sure that the Firebird service is running and that you're physically in-front-of-the-computer or connected via the console.

If you are having trouble downloading Firebird try Make sure that you download the correct version.



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