Attendance - User's Guide

Gradience Attendance Pro / Enterprise - User's Guide

Below are links to articles that will show you how to perform a variety of common tasks within the Attendance portion of Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping.

--NOTE-- These instructions provide information on how to use the Attendance portion of Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping that has already been set up and has been in use for some time. For instructions on how to set up your software or read on other accrual related topics visit this ARTICLE            

Attaching Files/Photos Attach MS Word files, Excel files, PDFs, Photos, PowerPoint files.

Backups - Back up your data manually You may manually back up your data any time.

Backups - Backup your data automatically Take the worry out of backing up.

Backups - Restore data that was previously backed up Recover previously backed up data.

Company Holidays Entered Manually. Holidays do not automatically repeat year after year.

Database Maintenance Resolve most error messages and performance issues quickly and easily.

Emailing Reports How to send reports via e-mail.

Employees - Entering Names CAUTION! When starting out, just enter a few names at first.

Employees - Hide or Display Make selected types of employees visible or invisible.

Export Data Export data from Gradience.

Global Preferences / Settings Establish your global preferences.

Import Data Import non-relational data into Gradience.

Locations and Departments Establish your locations and the departments within each location.

Logo Put your organization's logo at the top of all of your Gradience reports.

Reminders Set up one-time reminders or recurring reminders for one or multiple employees.

Reports - Saving Save reports in a variety of formats including Word, Excel, Rich Text and PDF.

Security - Set Permissions for Users Give each user unique access rights within the software. 



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