Records - Introduction

Introduction to Gradience Records

This is an autonomous software application that has been paired with Gradience Attendance. The resulting title change for this combo is Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping. Both the Attendance portion and the Records portion continue to function independently while sharing the same database.

The Records portion will enable you to do the following:

  • Capture and maintain a full range of critical employee information, including benefits, emergency contacts, salary history, taxes, performance reviews and more. 
  • Prints employee IDs and badges
  • 5 separate computers may access the same data simultaneously
  • Give each user a password that allows him/her to only access specified data
  • Set reminders (one-time or recurring)
  • Give each user a password that allows unique access rights to the data!
  • Link to Gradience Forms Manager, to access over 45 business forms!




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