Attendance - Employee Balance Report with Separate Page for Each Employee

These steps focus on customizing your Employee Balance Report so that you can run a single report covering multiple employees but the report will have a separate page for each employee’s information.

1. Click Reports and select Employee Balance. Then select the group of employees the report should include and click Custom Reports at the top right.

You may get an error but it is a false error. Just click OK.

2. When the Custom Report screen opens, click Edit and you’ll see the template open.
On the template, right-click on GroupHeader: EmployeeGroupHeader and left-click on Edit.

3. The Group pop up window will open:

4. As shown above, Uncheck Keep Group Together and then check Start new Page and click OK.

5. After the report opens, Click the Save Report icon and a small pop-up will open indicating the name of this report, which should be Employee Balance0001. Click OK and the saved Custom Report will remain available for future access. Whenever you need it, select it from the list shown below to produce a report that will have a separate page for each employee's information. 

You can also click the PDF below or WATCH our video walk through.



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