Forms Manager - Opening a Form Received via Email

This process is a workaround. At present, the normal routing feature is not functional and the FREE Reader will not install for the recipient. We hope to have this resolved in a forthcoming FREE update.  

Receiving a Form via Email 

1.  Right-click on the attached form and click Copy.

2.  Go to C:\Libraries\Documents\Gradience\Personnel Forms and paste-in the form you copied from the email.

Note: If you do not have the Personnel Forms folder it is because you do not have Gradience Forms Manager installed. Please download and install it. Then get the product key from the person who sent you the form. Enter the key when opening the app.

When you get to the web site to download the installation file for Forms Manager, please click on Forms. The image below shows what you will see on the web page.

Please click here to access the web page shown above.

After installing Forms Manager, go back to steps 1 and 2 above before proceeding to step 3 below.

3.  Open Gradience Forms Manager and click the open, yellow folder in the upper left.

4.  When the popup opens, select the form you pasted in step 2 above.



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