Attendance - Time-Off: Earn on the Last Day of the Month

--NOTE-- This requires the use and understanding of earning Time-Off using Custom Date.

To learn more on how to earn Time-Off using Custom Dates - ARTICLE

How to earn Time-Off on the Last Day of the Month

You can use the Custom Dates feature to accrue Time-Off on the last day of each month but you will eventually run out of dates as you can only enter as many end-or-the-month dates remain until your software license expires. This will mean that you will have to add more dates each year to allow the software to continue to accrue Time-Off each year. 

To avoid re-entering Custom Accrual Dates annually, follow the steps below:

1. Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance and set the Fiscal Date to 12/31 Click Save > OK > Close and then, close out of the program and reopen it.

2. Click Settings > Time-Off Plans. Select the Time-Off plan that you want to change to the Last Day of the month. Next, click Plan Setup. Set the year to begin to:

3. Click Save > OK > Close.

The plan will now continue to accrue monthly but it will do so on whatever happens to be the last day of the month. Your Year will now begin on December 31st and end the following December 30th so it will be as close to a regular calendar year as you can get.

If you zero the balance that remains or if you allow carryover at the end of the year, this will now happen at midnight every December 30th because that is the new Last Day of the year

Then, on the first day of the year December 31st people will earn time-off because it is also the last day of the month. Then, they will earn time on January 31st and whatever the last day of February is and so on throughout the year.



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