Attendance - Start With Fresh Accrual Balances Annually

Clear out old balances and start over on January 1st with a fresh balance.

1. Click File > Maintenance > Back up Database.

2. From the Calendar screen, click the button marked Year Settings to verify that the year actually started on January 1st.

--NOTE-- If the year started on the anniversary date of the employee whose name is selected, it means that time did not ‘carry over’ per se. It merely ‘remained’ since the ‘end of the year’ hasn’t yet been reached. The year will not end until midnight on the date before the next anniversary. If you want the ‘year’ to start over on January 1st, you will need to open the Time-Off plan change the Benefit Year from Hire Date to On the 1st Calendar so that the ‘end-of-the-year’ will now be December 31st.

--IMPORTANT-- If you found that you had to change the Benefit Year as indicated above, the program will only behave differently ‘from now on’. Changing the rules of a plan will not change the way the plan behaved previously. Step 4 and beyond must be followed.

Examine each of your Time-Off accrual plans to find those that are set to Carry over the balance from the prior year and Change each one to Zero the balance from the prior year. In the future, the plan will start ‘fresh’ every year.

3. Click on File, Maintenance and then click on Remove Transaction.

4. In the Begin Date field, enter 12/31/yyyy of the previous year and enter the current date into the End Date field.

(This assumes that the current date is after the begin date.)

5. Click Run Process, and when the removal is complete, click File, Maintenance, Perform Accruals.

6. A new window will appear.

7. Click on Run Accruals. This will rerun the Time-Off accruals forward from 12/31 last year into this year without carrying over the previous year’s balance.

8. When the accruals are complete, click Post Accruals. If you are not happy with the results, you may remove the accruals, correct the plans and rerun them.

--NOTE--  To verify results, click Transactions.  If your balances are wrong, first click the “X” in the upper-right, just “under” the Gradience logo and then, return to the Transactions screen. If the balances are still wrong, use the instructions on Troubleshooting Accruals.



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