Attendance & Records - Configure Absence Reason Codes

Configure Absence Reason Codes

Establish what a particular Absence Reason Code means and the bank from which Time-Off should be subtracted (if any) when a particular code is used.

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To Access your Absence Reason Codes, click Settings > Absence Reason Codes.


When the screen comes up you will see all of your Absence Reason Codes on the left. The next column to the right shows the descriptions for all of the codes. 

Enter/Change a Description:

Click on the field to the right of the code and type in the new description and click Save.

--NOTE-- If you don't place employees on Suspension, you may want to change that to Sick and then change Illness-Self to Illness-Family Member.

To Enter or Change the Time-Off Bank Being Debited:

Click on the field to the right of the description. Click the down arrow and establish the bank from which Time-Off is to be debited when this code is used on the calendar. If no bank should be debited, indicate this by selecting Don't debit any bank.

--NOTE-- When you get back to the Calendar screen, the previous description/deduction may still will be active. If so, you will need to go to the upper right and click the X under the Gradience logo...


... and then go to the left and click on Calendar again. Now the code will include the changes you have made.

Fixing codes that were entered on the calendar before this change:

If you want your new settings to apply to codes entered on previous dates, you will need to erase the code that was entered previously and then reapply it. 



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