TimeClock - Reset Remote Swipe Card Reader


Reset the Remote Swipe Card Reader (ET215 & ET315)

When performance is not as expected after initial setup, you may reset the reader by following the appropriate set of steps below based on the age of your reader. If you are not sure try both procedures.

Older Reader 

1. Press S1 and S2 simultaneously and press OUT. The device will display CONSOLE CONFIGURATION.

2. Press 1 for Defaults. The device will beep. Press 2 to Modify.

3. Press Enter.  The device will display MAGSTRIPE on the first line. Use the BackSp key to delete the number 5  and type in 133.

4. Press Enter repeatedly until the screen displays CONSOLE CONFIGURATION.

5. Press Enter. The device will display RESET (7=YES). Press 7 because Reset actually means Save.

6. Return to the Remote Reader (black box). The Date and Time will be displayed.

7. Swipe a card to verify that functionality has been restored.

Newer Reader

1. While pressing S1 and S2 at the same time, press OUT. The device will beep once.

2. You will see Console Configuration on screen.

3. Press Enter. MAGSTRIPE will display on screen.

4. Press Clear to delete the number 5 and type-in 133.

5. Press Enter repeatedly until the screen displays Reset (7=YES).

6. Press 7 to save your entries. The device will display OFFLINE.



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