HRcalendar - Initial Setup Guide

HRcalendar Initial Setup Guide

Click Company > Preferences


Fill in your Company Name


Add Company Departments



Add Job Titles/Positions



Add a New Employee


And Personal Information


Setup Company Holidays

 9th.JPG 10th.JPG

Add Reason Codes

Click Company > Reason Codes


Type a two digit code and description (Once you start typing, the Add button will become clickable. Click this button to add your new reason code when finished.)



Reports can be accessed by clicking Report in HRcalendar. Examples and descriptions of reports in HRcalendar can be found by clicking Help > Index > HRcalendar Operations > Report (example below)


Time-Off Earned and Used:

--NOTE-- HRcalendar does [not] accrue Time-Off to employees automatically the way Gradience Attendance does. To learn more about Gradience Attendance, click the link below. In HRcalendar, you must enter Time Earned manually. The steps are provided below.

Add an Abscense/Personal Day (first select an employee by clicking Employee > Employees List -press the Calendar button)



Left click on a date in question and press the edit button


Enter the Code type, taken/earned, Reason, Length of Occurrence in Hours/Day and Notes if needed. Press OK afterwards.


HRcalendar Accruals

Visit this ARTICLE for more information.

Alternative to HRcalendar:



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