OSHA Manager - Menu Commands

Menu Commands

Here’s an overview of each drop down menu and listed commands:

File Menu 

  • Injury/Illness Event – First, it asks a series of question to ensure OSHA considers an injury or illness as an event which needs to be recorded, lets you enter all the details of the event. If you’re adding or changing information to an existing event, click on the Injury / Illness Event tab, then Find Existing Event.
  • Delete Event– Permanently removes an injury or illness event. Note: This cannot be undone. You must be on the Find Existing Event screen to delete an event.
  • Maintenance– Lets you Backup of all information you’ve entered, as well as all published OSHA reports. If you need to go back to the last backup created, choose Restore. Caution: Restore will overwrite any data entered since the last backup!
  • Exit– Closes Gradience OSHA Manager. 

Edit Menu 

  • Establishment Information – Lets you enter or edit information about your business establishment, such as the name, address and SIC code. This information is mandatory for some OSHA reports.
  • Set Password– Gives you the option of creating a login name and password to limit access to Gradience OSHA Manager. You may want to do this to protect sensitive or private information.

View Menu 

  • Published OSHA Reports – Lists official OSHA reports that you have generated by date and time, allowing you to see any changes that may have occurred.
  • OSHA 1904 Regulations– Takes you to the full text of OSHA Section 1904.
  • View Disclaimer– Displays the software license agreement and disclaimer that you agreed to when installing and running the program for the first time.
  • OSHA Letters — Presents you with all of the available OSHA related letters

References Menu

  • OSHA Letters of Interpretation – OSHA’s official responses to written questions from employers on real-life recordkeeping scenarios
  • OSHA’s Top Safety Violations – OSHA’s top 10 safety violations and tips on preventing them
  • New PPE Guidelines – Information on OSHA’s new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rule addressing who must pay for PPE
  • How to Investigate Accidents – Information on how to investigate accidents
  • OSHA Self-Inspection Checklists – Checklists to help employers assess and improve safety practices; topics include PPE, employer posting obligations and more


Help Menu 

  • Contents – Brings up a list of help topics.
  • Check for Updates - Manually check for updates by clicking this item.
  • Automatic Updates - Turn Automatic Updates on or off.  If turned on, a check mark appears beside this menu item. With this option enabled, Gradience will check for an update each time the program is launched.
  • Enter Product Key Code – Allows you to enter the product key code and unlock all Gradience OSHA Manager features. If you have entered information and passed the 30-day demo period, entering the unlock code will give you full access to your data.
  • About– Displays the program version information.





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