TimeClock - Job Codes

Job Codes

The Purpose of Job Codes:

Job Codes allow you to track the number of hours an employee works in particular positions. This can be helpful if you have employees who sometimes work in difference positions that are paid out of different budgets or qualify for pay a differential based on the requirements of the positions worked. Often times law firms may use this feature to track billable hours for various contracts.

A bed and breakfast may have an employee who transports guests for a few hours and then works in housekeeping for a few hours and then works in food prep/service and then moves on to grounds keeping for the remainder of the shift. Perhaps the employee is paid a different wage for each position. An employee using Job Codes would clock in and then select the appropriate job code for the position being worked. The employee would then clock out when appropriate and clock back in under a different code.

Establishing Job Codes:

You must have already setup your job codes in advance.  If you have not done so, do the following:

  1. Click Settings > Job Codes.  The Job Codes Maintenance pop-up window will open.
  2. Click New and then enter a value in the Job Code column and then check Enabled > enter the name of the position or business area in the Description column and then click Save and Close

Assigning Job Codes:

  1. Click Settings > Work Schedules and be sure that the correct Work Schedule is highlighted.
  2. Click Job Codes tab and check Show Only Enabled Job Codes.
  3. Put a check mark in the Selected column for each job code you wish to apply to this Work Schedule
  4. Click Save.  Repeat as needed.

Using Job Codes:

  1. When clocking IN, a popup will open displaying the Job Codes that have been assigned to this employee’s Work Schedule.
  2. To select a Job Code, enter the Job Code number into the field at the lower-left and click Go.
  3. To switch to a different Job Code, the employee should clock OUT and then, clock right back IN. The list will reappear, allowing the employee to select the new Job Code.




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