Attendance - Time-Off: Changing from Anniversary Year to a Calendar Year

Switch Your Time-Off Accruals from Anniversary Year to a Calendar Year

Make a change from accruing Time-Off based on the anniversary year to accruing Time-Off based on the calendar year

1. Click Settings > Time-Off Plans.

2. Select the affected plan from the list of plans on the Plan List screen.

3. Click  Plan Setup.

4. Under Each new year starts on: select January 1st

5. Select How Often to Accrue: Select how often employees with this particular plan will earn this particular type of time off. 

6. Click Save and then click Plan Description to verify that the plan will function in the new way from now on. Going forward, the year will begin annually on January 1st rather than on each person’s anniversary.

--CAUTION-- Do not  rerun your Time-Off accruals unless these new rules need to be effective retroactive to January 1st of this year.

To Re-run Time-Off accruals from January 1st of the current year, visit this ARTICLE. 



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