Attendance - How To: Create and use a Comp Time plan

If you give out Comp Times to your employees you can follow the steps below on how to: create, configure, assign and use.

Create your Comp Time plan:

Click Settings > Time-Off Plans > Plan Setup > New and click No to the offer of the Wizard.

Set your plan as shown:

Once done, Click Save and close the New Plan.

Set up a Comp Time Bank

Click Save > Close and when the screen changes, click on Settings > Time-Off Banks and either:

  • Click on a Time-Off Bank to be renamed Comp Time Bank or...
  • Create an additional, NEW Comp Time Bank.

To change an existing bank, select the bank to be renamed and then click in the field in the upper-right and replace what is in that field with Comp Time and then select Comp Time from the drop-down menu as the Default Time-Off plan and then click Save.

To create a totally new bank, click New. Enter Comp Time into the empty field in the upper right and then select Comp Time from the drop-down menu as the Default Time-Off plan and then click Save.

The new default plan will not apply to employees that already exist in the database. It will only apply to anyone you enter into the software going forward. As for existing employees, you will have to manually assign Comp Time to the Comp Time Bank for each existing employee.


Set up a Comp Time Code to be used on the calendar.

1. Click Settings, > Absence Reason Codes.

2. Click the description next to the letter C (or any code letter) and type in Comp Time.

3. Click the field to the right of the description then click the down arrow for the drop-down menu.

4. Select Comp Time Bank.

5. Click Save > Close

Earning Comp Time

Apply time to an employee’s account when the employee works on a date when they would normally be off.  Be sure to grant them an amount of time equal to the overtime pay rate (such as time and a half) that the employee would normally receive for the hours beyond 40 hours in a workweek.  To do this, follow these steps…

1. Click Transactions and then click the Comp Time tab.

2. Click New, click Yes to the message and enter the date.

3. Select Positive Adjustment and enter the amount (of time off that was worked) into the Amount in hours field and as the name implies, enter the time in hours. This will apply positive time to the balance, which may be used later. 

Using Comp Time

1. On the Calendar screen, go to the code list on the far right and select C or whatever Absence Reason code you setup earlier.

2. Click the date when Comp Time is being used and click Save. This will debit the Comp Time Bank.

--NOTE-- By default this will debit a full day from the balance. The amount can be adjusted by right-clicking on the date [after the code appears on that date]. You would then click Absence Detail to open a popup window where you may adjust the amount up or down to reflect the actual amount used that day.



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