Attendance - Accrue Time-Off for Rehired Employees

If you assigned the returning employee a Time-Off plan that is set to accrue Time-Off according to Length of Employment, the program will accrue that particular type of Time-Off in such a way that the amount earned will increase over time based on how long the employee has worked for your organization.


0 - 5 yrs the employee gets 5 Days Vacation each year

5 - 10 yrs the employee gets 10 Days Vacation each year

10 - 15 yrs the employee gets 15 Days Vacation each year

10 yrs and beyond the employee gets 20 Days Vacation each year

The is based on the Hire Date you entered on the Employee Detail screen.

You have two options:

Option 1 - Allow accrued Time-Off to be based on the original hire date before the employee left your organization, enter that date. You can then enter a note at the bottom in the Comments area to indicate that the employee actually left on a certain date and then returned on a certain date.

Option 2 - Allow accrued Time-Off to be based on the returning date, enter that date as the NEW Hire Date.

If you need to change the hire date but your accruals have already run, correcting the Hire Date will not correct the way Time-Off accrued. You will need to re-accrue.

Learn more on how to re-accrue Time-Off 



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