Attendance - Time-Off: Test Future Accruals

Before you accrue Time-Off into the future, you must first ensure that the starting point is valid. Starting Point:

When you accrue into the future, you should expect Time-Off to accrue to employees on any accrual dates that occur between:

The date you enter in the Accrue Thru Date field:

If the date for... a date prior to today's date and there are accrual dates that fall between then and now. you should expect to see Time-Off also accrue to employees on those previous accrual dates even though your Thru Date is out in the future.

If you need to set a better starting point (Begin Date) it is advised to first backup your data and then click read this ARTICLE.

Accrue Time-Off into the future:

1. Click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions. When the pop-up window opens, check the Last Accrual Date. It should be the date just before the date when you want accruals to begin. If it is not, enter a Begin Date of the date when you want accruals to begin. Then close the pop-up window.

2. Click File > Maintenance > Perform Accruals

3. When the window opens, click on Custom Date. The Accrue Through Date field will become active.

4. Enter the future date you desire. 

5. Click on Run Accruals and then, rather than clicking on Preview, click Post. You always can remove the accruals after verifying they will accrue properly. After you post, close out of the pop-up window.

6. To verify the results, find an individual whose time you want to check and then click Transactions over on the left. The Transactions screen will open on the right. Click the appropriate tab along the top to check Vacation, Sick, Personal, etc. All of the accruals that will have occurred through the End Date you entered earlier will display.

--NOTE-- Any codes that were entered onto the calendar for the person being checked also will show up as Time Used. If you entered absence codes onto the calendar that deduct time beyond the date through which you have just accrued, the balance will include those deductions now.

--IMPORTANT-- To remove future accruals, click FileMaintenance >Remove Transactions. Enter today’s date as the Begin Date and enter a through Date of however far out into the future you just accrued. This will remove all accruals from today through that future date. After that, the accruals will resume automatically, based on the way your plans are designed to work. 



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