Gradience Pro / Enterprise - ID Badge Setup

ID Badge Setup:

Available in Gradience Records and Gradience TimeClock only.

--NOTE-- If you need to create multiple ID badges (one-at-a-time) Visit this ARTICLE

There are four types: Employee, Temporary, Guest or Without Title. To set up ID Badges, click Reports > ID Badges. 


The Layout tab allows you to select what features will be on the ID Badge. For example, if you want the badge title to read Guest instead of Employee you can select Guest under Badge Title.

  • Printing Options: Print Title, Print Department, Print Employee ID Style 1, Print Employee Style 2, Print Location, Print Picture, Print Company Logo and Print Company Name.
  • Badge Title – Allows you to print selected Title across Badge.
  • Name Format – Allows you to choose how the name will display.


The Barcode tab allows you to select the type of barcode that will be printed. If you’re not sure which type to use, we recommend keeping the default barcode type of Code 39. Gradience Records uses the Employee ID entered on the Employee Detail screen as the barcode number. Without an Employee ID number, a barcode will not print out on the label.

  • Print Barcode – This allows you to print a barcode across the bottom of the ID Badge.
  • Barcode Type – This allows you to select from popular barcode types.

Print Stock: 

The Print Stock tab allows you to select the label type. The Gradience ID Badge Kit (S0050) is specifically designed to work with Gradience Records and TimeClock. Each kit makes 25 badges. To make a purchase, contact us at

Label Adjustments:

Printers are not created equally. Some may print the labels too far to the right or left. As a convenience, the Label Adjustments tab allows you to move the labels to the left or right and up or down to accommodate your printer.

  • When using the Left Offset, positive numbers will offset the label to the right, and negative numbers will offset the label to the left.
  • When using the Top Offset, positive numbers will move the labels down, and negative numbers will move the labels up.
  • The Picture Offset allows you to stretch the picture by using positive numbers, and negative numbers will squish the picture, if needed.
  • The Save Label Adjustments button allows you to save your current settings.






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