TimeClock - Work Schedule Change

Change current work schedule for a particular employee.

On the left side of the screen, click TimeClock Access and select the affected employee.

--WARNING!-- Do not click Clear! Click History instead.

If you click Clear, everyone will lose his/her work schedule. Moreover, it is necessary to enter an End Date for the preceding work schedule first before assigning a replacement work schedule.

Do not click the down arrow! 

If you click the down arrow to select an alternative Work Schedule as shown below, an End Date will not be automatically attributed to the original work schedule. This can cause overtime to fail to be calculated properly and can even cause duplicate punches to appear and it has been seen to cause rounding to stop as well.


When replacing one work schedule assignment with another, click History (not Clear). Once you’re in the Work Schedule History screen, first verify that only one work schedule is listed.


  • If two or more work schedules are already displayed, their Start Dates and End Dates MUST be sequential. There can be NO overlap.  
  • If only the current work schedule appears, click Edit and enter an appropriate End Date and save it before assigning the new work schedule. Upon returning to the TimeClock Access screen, you may now click the down arrow and select the new work schedule to be assigned and click Save.

--NOTE-- It is possible to change the work schedule retroactively so that it will re-calculate overtime for the previous punches based on the rules associated with the replacement work schedule even though it was assigned after the fact. This is because the Start Date was changed to be effective from the point when the “replacement” work schedule is intended to have been in effect.



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