TimeClock - Export Hours Worked

Exporting Time Card Runs

From File > Export TimeClock Data, you may export hours worked and general employee information to a .csv file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

The TimeClock Export feature allows you to export the following data:

Last Name, Location, First Name, Department, Middle Name, Punch Hours, SSN, Punch Changes and Date of Birth



Export Type

Single File – Exports Employee Data and Hours Worked to a single file. If Export Punch Changes is selected, it will export to a separate file in addition to the Hours Worked.

Relational File – Exports Employee Data and Hours Worked to two separate files. If Export Punch Changes is selected, it will export to another separate file.


This exports the data once you have settings complete.

Select Employee to Export

This allows you to select specific employees, locations and/or departments to export.

Hire Range Filter

This allows you to filter on a specific hire date range.

Job Status Filter

This allows you to filter on full and part time.

Employee Status Filter

This allows you to filter on Active, Inactive or Terminated employees.

Select Employee Data Fields to Export

Available Fields – This is the list of fields to choose from.

Fields to Export (In Export Order) – These are the fields chosen.

Export TimeClock Data

Export Hours Worked for Period – This allows you to select a date range for timecard data for the selected employee(s).

Export Punch Changes – This allows you to export punch changes.

To export this data, follow these steps:

  1. From the File menu, select Export TimeClock Data.

  2. Select the export type: Single File or Relational.

  3. Expand the tree, if necessary, and select the employees to export.

  4. Select the data fields to export either by double-clicking on the file or selecting the file and clicking on the arrow pointing to the right.

  5. If needed, select the Export Hours Worked option with a date range.

  6. If Export Hours Worked is selected, you can select Export Punch Changes option.

  7. Click Export. 

Payroll providers

Currently, Gradience TimeClock Professional / Enterprise accommodate 16 different payroll providers.

ADP Enterprise HR
ADP PC/Payroll for Windows
Pay America
Prime pay
QuickBooks Pro
Rapid Payroll


This screen image shows ADP Enterprise HR having been selected, which brings up a specific list of options on the right side of the screen that are within that payroll system’s required format.  Each screen is different depending on the payroll service selected on the left.  Gradience Tech Support cannot assist you in entering data on the right side of the screen.  For help with that you would need to contact your payroll service provider.

Selecting another payroll system from the list on the left will bring up an export format particular to that payroll system with it’s own set of options. 

After clicking Export, the data is placed into an intermediate file that is e-mailed to the payroll provider selected. That organization would then import the data to create paychecks.

QuickBooks is the only exception to this process. With QuickBooks selected, the data is sent directly to the QuickBooks database. For this to work, QuickBooks and TimeClock must both be installed on the same workstation regardless of where the database for each program resides. Click here for QuickBooks instructions.



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