Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Attach Files to Gradience

Conveniently store files and images inside your Gradience software.

Option A:

1. Copy the file you want to attach or open it and copy the content if you prefer.

2. In Gradience left-click on the Notes or Comments area where you wish to attach the file or text.

3. Right-click and choose Paste. The file will attach as shown.

--NOTE-- When the file appears it will not retain its name. You can type the file name in the field.

4. Double-click the file to open it. Once open, you may print the content of the file.

In the example below, various files were attached to the Comments area at the bottom of the Employee Detail screen. The images of the attached files also appear at the bottom of the Employee Detail Report.

Option B:

1. Right-click in a Notes or Comments area within Gradience and select Insert Object.

2. In the Insert Object window, click Create from File.

3. Click Browse to find the file you wish to attach. Do not check the options Link or Display As Icon.




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