Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Time-Off: Code Sharing between TimeClock and Attendance


Allow selected Absence Codes in Attendance to be recognized by TimeClock so that you may credit certain absences as Paid Time-Off in TimeClock.

Example: With Code Sharing enabled, an employee takes a vacation day; his/her supervisor enters this in Time Clock. This causes the employee to be credited (paid) for that day. The Absence also will show on the calendar in Attendance as a VUsed Vacation day. 

Conversely, if you place a V on a date on the calendar in Gradience Attendance The Absence also will show on the calendar in Attendance as a VUsed Vacation day and the employee will be credited (paid) for that day in TimeClock.

How to Set This Up:

1. Click Settings > Global Settings > Time Clock Tab.

2. Under Attendance Code Sharing on the Time Clock tab, click Enable Code Sharing check the first checkbox as shown in the image below.

3. Click Save > OK > Close.

4. Open TimeClock and click Settings > Reason Codes. Maximize the pop-up window that opens.

5. Click New and over in the upper-right, enter the name of the code that you wish to share.

6. Leave the default settings and at the bottom click the down arrow to select the associated absence code in Gradience Attendance that you want to share.

7. Click Save and then, close out.

8. Return to Gradience Attendance and click Calendar.  You will have some codes showing up in a teal section on the right side of the Calendar screen as shown below. These are the codes that are shared between Attendance and TimeClock.

If the code is not in the teal area to the right of the calendar, click on the X that is "UNDER" the Gradience logo in the upper-right. 

Then, click Calendar on the left.  

Now you will see the shared codes in the teal area at the top and the non-shared codes in the white area below.

To Disassociate Absence Codes open Gradience TimeClock and do the following:

1. Click Settings > Reason Codes.

2. When the screen opens, maximize it.

3. At top-left, click the code you wish to no longer share between Attendance and TimeClock.

4. On the right, use your Delete key to eliminate whatever is in the field under Related Absence / Attendance Code.

5. Click Save. 



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