Gradience Pro / Enterprise - License Renewal for Gradience Professional/Enterprise

License renewal is accomplished by entering a new product key, not by installing the latest update.

To renew your Gradience Pro/Enterprise license for the coming year follow these steps:

1. Call 800-999-9111 or email to purchase the license renewal.

2. After renewing the license, open the Order Confirmation/Invoice that was e-mailed to you.

3. Highlight and copy the 32-character product key and then minimize (do not close) the e-mail.

4. Open Gradience and click Help > Enter Product License.

5. Paste-in the key, click OK and close the popup window.

6. Click Help > About to view your new expiration date.

Your version number will not be affected by entering the new Product Key. The version number will only change when you [install] an update. FREE updates come out from time to time throughout the year. License renewals however, must be purchased. Generally, the license for the following year becomes available in the middle of the current year.



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