TimeClock - Fingerprint Reader Set Up

Fingerprint Reader set up 

Pre-setup Requirements:

The following should be completed before setting up the USB Fingerprint Reader:

  • Install the TimeClock program

  • Download and Install the Device Driver for the USB Fingerprint Reader

Download the Device Driver (Driver v7.1)

Open your web browser and go to the following webpage:http://www.secugen.com/download/drivers.htm


•If using Windows XP or Windows 7 32-bit - download the 32-bit (2.0MB) file
•If using Windows 7 64-bit - download the 64-bit (3.5MB) file

--NOTE-- If you downloaded and installed a different driver from the above website and you're encountering issues in Gradience TimeClock, please see our troubleshooting article here.

Set up the Fingerprint Reader:

1. Connect the Fingerprint Reader to the same computer where the TimeStation is running.

2. From within Gradience Time Clock (management portion), click on Settings > Global Preferences > Fingerprint Reader

3. Then check Enable Fingerprint Reader and then click Save. You will have to close out of the program and reopen it for that change to take effect.

4. Reopen Gradience Time Clock.

5. Select the first employee who needs to have a fingerprint registered and then click on Time Clock Access.

6. On the right side of the screen, under the title Finger Print, click on Add. A new screen will appear giving you the steps to follow for registering fingerprints.

7. The employees can clock in/out by placing a finger on the Fingerprint reader while Gradience Time Station is open.

8. Log into the Time Clock and at the login screen, you may log in by fingerprint any time the “Fingerprint Scanner Ready…” message is displaying. The Fingerprint Scanner will become inactive after 90 seconds.


--NOTE-- If you encounter issues with employees at initial enrollment or while employees attempt to clock in/out; lower the Enroll Image Quality and Verifiy Image Quality values. Click Settings > Global Preferences > Fingerprint Reader


Relocated Database?

Click Settings > Global Preferences > Fingerprint Reader > Enable Fingerprint Reader

(If you recently relocated your database to a new server you will need to re-enable the Reader as the settings for this are saved in the HRWARE.INI file and not in the database.)

(default settings example from an HRWARE.INI file)



Using a non-scratch cloth, clean the lens of the Fingerprint Reader as needed. 



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