TimeClock - Quick Setup

Gradience TimeClock Quick Setup (Click here for TimeClock Instructions)

Also check our Article on Initial Setup Guide.

Set up your Locations and Departments before entering any employee names.

Click Settings > Locations/Departments > New; select New Location, enter the name of a location and click Save

Click New; select New Department and enter the name of a department and click Save

Put checks in the boxes next to the departments belonging to each location.

Return to the Employee Detail screen and, in the upper right, click the X just under the Gradience logo for these to be available.

Enter just a few Employees at first.  If you will be using this program along with Gradience Attendance, we recommend you only enter a few employees into the program at first.  This is because, to test your accruals in Gradience Attendance, each employee entered must have a Time-Off plan assigned to him/her for each Time-Off category, so testing with just a few names is best. The employees entered should represent a cross-section of the organization.

Click Employee Detail > New and enter data. The required fields are: First Name, Last Name, Hire Date, Work Status, Employment Status, Location, and Department.

Set up your Work Schedules: Click Settings > Work Schedules. Develop one or several work schedules for your hourly employees. Work Schedules do not need to be created for or assigned to salaried employees.

Enable Access: Give administrators access to the admin portion and give employees access to clock in and out.

Click TimeClock Access; select an employee under Employee Select. Enter a Login, Password, and Verify Password.

On the bottom half of the screen, under the TimeClock Access bar, make selections appropriate for this employee, including the Current Work Schedule and In Out Board Access.

Recommendation: Give all hourly employees access to My TimeClock so they can use the TimeStation to check their own hours worked over time rather than asking HR to check for them. Also, give the receptionist In Out Board Access.

Run a test.  Clock in and out and run an Hours Worked Report.  If you are using this program along with Gradience Attendance and are sharing codes, enter the shared code V for Vacation on the calendar in Gradience Attendance to see whether it is recognized by TimeClock.  If it isn’t, click Settings > Global Preferences > TimeClock. Check Enable Code Sharing > Save > OK > Close. Try again by entering a code on the calendar in Gradience Attendance and see whether TimeClock recognizes it.

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