HRcalendar - Enter Time-Off for the Coming Year

Enter Time-Off for the Coming Year 

--NOTE-- The previous year’s balance will figure into the total because there is no mechanism that will zero-out time that remains at the end of the calendar year.  This will then be visible in the Vacation/Sick Day Tracking Report.

--CAUTION-- The report will not have any line indicating the amount of Days/Hours carried over from the previous year.  It will only show what was earned and used during the current calendar year but the balance will include what was carried over from the previous year.

Example: If an employee had 3 Days of Vacation remaining at the end of the previous year and earned 10 days on January 1st of the current year and has used 5 days since January, the balance would be 8 Days. The report will indicate 10 Days earned, 5 Days used and a balance of 8 Days. Because of this, you will [think] that the balance is wrong because after all, 10 minus 5 = 5 (not 8). However, the report is actually correct.  The problem isn't the math. the problem is that the report does not [display] what was carried over from the previous year. This is why it appears to say 10 – 5 = 8.

Click on the face icon in the upper left and select an employee from the list.

At the top of the calendar screen set the month to January and the year to the new year.

1.  Click Edit. When the pop-up window opens enter the appropriate Code in the upper left.

2.  Enter Earned.

3.  Enter a Reason if you wish.

4.  Enter the Length of Occurrence.

5.  In the Last Date of Occurrence field enter the date that Time-Off accrued. Remember that if a certain amount of Time-Off remained unused as of 12/31 of the previous year, you will have to take that amount into account. You have two options:

OPTION ONE: You may reduce the amount of days earned this year by the amount carried over from the previous year to arrive at the correct balance going forward or...

OPTION TWO: You may enter Time Taken on December 31st of the previous year in whatever amount would zero the balance and then enter the full amount for this year.

6.  Close out of the calendar and click Report and choose Vacation/Sick Day Tracking.

7.  Be sure that Between Dates is entered into the Date Range field.

8.  Enter 01/01 of the current year into the field on the left and 01/01/ of the current year in the field on the right.

9.Click OK.  The report will open.

  • Vacation Earned indicates the amount of time that accrued during the date range of the report.
  • Vacation Taken indicates the total amount of time that was used during the date range of the report.




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