Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Features and Capabilities

With all four Gradience Professional / Enterprise software titles you can:

  • Install the software on multiple computers that can access the same data simultaneously!

  • Give each user a unique password that allows unique access rights to the data!

  • Link to our Gradience Forms Manager, which contains over 45 essential business forms!

With Gradience Attendance Pro / Enterprise, you can:

  • Accrue Time-Off to your employees automatically based on your Time-Off policies.

  • Automatically carryover or zero-out at the end of each year.

  • The year can be calendar - or anniversary based - or a fiscal year of your choosing.

  • Automatically increase Time-Off over time that people earn based upon each person's hire date.

  • Manage Comp Time or Points.

  • You can give each user a unique password that allows unique access rights to the data.

With Gradience Records Pro / Enterprise, you can manage the items listed on the screen image below:


--NOTE-- Gradience Records comes with Gradience Attendance for FREE!

With Gradience TimeClock Pro / Enterprise, you can:

  • Track and record paid time, including regular, overtime, vacation, sick, and personal time.

  • Track job costs with the job codes feature.

  • Use with QuickBooks or any of 15 other payroll systems.

  • Clock IN and OUT on the keyboard or with a swipe card or fingerprint reader or over your corporate intranet.

  • Be in compliance with state-specific overtime laws.

  • Take advantage of 18 reports not to mention the Custom Reports feature to create your own.

With Gradience FMLA Tracker Pro / Enterprise you can:

  • Follow intuitive directions that let you know who is eligible and who is not eligible.

  • Comply with all FMLA guidelines from your desktop.

  • Manage intermittent leave or blocks of consecutive leave.

  • Automatically calculate MLA leave based on new federal regulations and your policies.

  • Define your method of calculation from the four ways permitted by the Department of Labor.

  • Comply with new expanded FMLA military coverage.

  • All forms and reports can be printed and e-mailed.

Follow this LINK for a FREE 30 day trial! 



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