Attendance - Accrue Time-Off Automatically

--CAUTION-- We recommend you not set your Time-Off to accrue automatically until you have created all of your Time-Off plans and have assigned those plans to all of your employees. If you have not yet done this, read the instructions in this ARTICLE.

Accrue Time-Off Automatically:

Follow these steps to enable your software to accrue Time-Off automatically on some prescribed schedule:

1.  Click on SettingsGlobal Settings > Attendance.  Over on the right, under Accrual Schedule, click Accrue Time-Off Automatically.


2.  Under Keep balances current, select Daily and check all seven days of the week even if you are not open for business seven days a week

3.  Disregard the Month and Day settings below the days of the week.

4. Click Save > OK > Close. C close and reopen the program for the new setting to take effect.

When set up as directed above, this is what the software will do:

When you open the software for the first time on any checked day, the software will calculate whether to accrue Time-Off to your employees.  If nobody should get any Time-Off on that particular day, nobody will. If only some people should accrue Time-Off on that day, only those people will. It will do this the first time you open the program on that date.

--IMPORTANT-- This only works if you have assigned Time-Off plans to each employee for each Absence Category. To be sure that you have done so, click Category Assignments / Time-Off Assignments on the left side of the screen and select the first employee. Be sure that an accrual plan has been assigned to each Absence Category / Time-Off Bank.

As you go from one name to the next on the Category Assignments screen / Time-Off Assignments screen, go to the upper left and click on Category Assignments / Time-Off Assignments [after] selecting the next employee name. Doing this each time you select another employee name will ensure that whatever information you see in the columns on the right is truly associated with the newly selected employee name.

If there is a type of Time-Off that the employee is not supposed to accrue, be sure that a Time-Off plan called None is entered so that he/she will accrue no Time-Off for that particular Absence Category / Time-Off Bank. If the field next to an Absence Category / Time-Off Bank is left blank, the program will not know what to do so it will not accrue any Time-Off to anyone for any Absence Category /Time-Off Bank.

The software comes pre-loaded with a Time-Off plan called None. If you do not have a Time-Off plan called None, it is because someone in your organization renamed it and converted it into some other kind of Time-Off plan in which case you will have to create a new None plan.

Visit this page if you need to create a new None plan. 



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