Attendance - Time-Off: Rerunning Time-Off Accruals

Correct the way the program previously accrued Time-Off!

WATCH our short video on how this is done.

You can run accruals retroactively from any point in the past. Usually, this is done because one or more of the following things happened:

  • A new Time-Off policy has gone into effect.
  • Someone failed to earn Time-Off.
  • Someone earned the wrong amount of Time-Off.
  • Someone earned Time-Off on the wrong date/frequency.
  • Someone’s Time-Off carried over but shouldn’t have or vice-versa.
  • Someone’s Time-Off carried over or zeroed-out on the wrong date.

 --IMPORTANT-- Before proceeding be sure to back up your database: Click File > Maintenance > Back up Database.

How to Rerun Time-Off Accruals:

1. Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance and over on the right, set the Accrual Schedule to Do not allow Time-Off to accrue.

2. Click Save > OK > Close.

3. Click on File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions.

4. In the Begin Date field, enter the date from which you wish to re-accrue.

5. Enter current date into the End Date field and click Run Process. (Green check mark in the upper-left corner of the popup.)

6. When the removal is complete, close the popup and click FileMaintenance > Perform Accruals. A new window will appear.

7. Click on Run Accruals. When the accruals are complete, don’t bother clicking Preview. Click Post Accruals

8. To verify your results, click Transactions. If you are not happy with the results, you always can remove the accruals, correct the plans and rerun them.

Assuming you are satisfied with the results, you may click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance and over on the right, it to:

  • Accrue Time-Off automatically,
  • Keep balances current Daily,
  • Check all seven days of the week as shown below.

This way, going forward, the first time that you open the software on any [checked] day, it will automatically check to see whether it should accrue Time-Off of any kind to anyone. If nobody should earn any Time-Off at all, nobody will. But if on that day someone should earn something, that person or those people [will]. This way, you will never have to manually run your Time-Off accruals. We also recommend you check all 7 days of the week.

Be sure to then click Save > OK > Close.



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