Gradience OSHA Manager - Installing the Current Version

--IMPORTANT-- Print the steps below before you download the installer.

Download the Installer

1. After clicking the link to the site, you will be brought to this page. 

2. Click OSHA directly under Download Software.

3. You have two options when downloading the installation file:



If you used Internet explorer, you will get a slender, yellow popup window near the bottom of your screen with three options ( Run, Save, Cancel ). Please don’t click Run. Instead, click the down arrow next to Save and select Save As. A popup window will give you the option of where it should be saved. Please select Desktop and click Save. This will start the download process. When it is finished, do not click Run. Click Close.

To install the latest version, go to your desktop and double-click the icon for the installation file you just downloaded.

It will look like this:


If you used Google Chrome, the download will start immediately. When it is finished, you will have an opportunity to run it or to view it in Downloads. You may run it to begin the installation process.

Alternatively, you may view it and then copy it to your desktop and then double-click it to begin the installation. 

It will look like this:


4. During Installation, please follow the prompts that appear. The entire process should take less than one minute.

5. When finished, you will have a desktop shortcut that will look like:


Perhaps you already had this desktop shortcut from having previously installed an earlier version. Double-click this desktop shortcut to open the software.

6. Once it opens, click Help > About to view the full, multi-digit version number.  



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