Gradience Pro / Enterprise - How To: Replace a Client Workstation

Please print these instructions before you follow them.

--IMPORTANT!-- We highly suggest you always use the latest version of our software.

Visit this WEBSITE to download the latest version.

There are no functionality differences between the final release of version 11 and the current release of version 12. All changes were in the back end so you will not suffer any functionality limitations by remaining to version 11.

However, if you are already running version 12 [but not on Windows 10] and your new client is [not] Windows 10, you must install version 12 on the new client so that all machines are running the same version.

Different Versions Accessing the SAME Data. When you run different versions or different iterations of [any] version on various machines that are all pointed to the same database, you will get weird, voodoo-like performance from the software and you risk corrupting the data beyond repair. Such corruption can cause functionality issues that cannot be resolved.

Finding the version you are currently running:

To find your full, multi-digit version number inside the software. Just click Help > About

There are two ways to view the version from [outside] the software.

1. Go to Programs & Features to view it on the list. If it shows Gradience Professional, it will also give the version number similar to one of the illustrations below.

If you don't see the words Gradience Professional disregard it and go to step 2 below.

2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gradience and open the Common folder. Then scroll down to and right-click on GCore.exe and click on Properties > Details to view the full, multi-digit version number.

--IMPORTANT!-- You will be downloading the entire suite. You will [not] download a particular individual software title. It is not until during the installation process that you select the title or titles to be installed.

Replacing the Old Client Workstation:

At the old client workstation, go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience. When you get there, copy the Hrware.ini file and then paste it into a neutral location.

Next, go to the NEW client workstation and navigate to C:\ProgramData and create a Gradience folder and then paste the altered .ini file into that folder. [Then] click the link below for the version you need to install. You will [not] need to restart the computer when finished.

During installation, the software will automatically point correctly because the installer will see the pre-existing ini file, which is already pointed to the data.

If the Old Client Workstation is Gone:

Go to the server and go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience. When you get there, copy the Hrware.ini file and then paste it into a neutral location. Then open the file in that neutral location and change just [one] thing.

You will see [HRWARE] at the top. Now, the second line is the path to the database. Leave this alone. Don't concern yourself with the drive letter that is indicated. Look down to the 4th line where you will see SERVER=Localhost.  Change the word Localhost to the name or the IP address of the server or the computer where the database resides. Save the change.

Then follow the rest of the instruction mentioned under Replacing the Old Client Workshop.

If the new client fails to connect to the data visit this ARTICLE for more information.



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