Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Moving from Server-Client to Standalone

--IMPORTANT-- The server must be the first thing to be updated. Once the server is updated, the clients can follow.

1. At the Server, go to C:\Programdata and copy the Gradience folder. If you do not see the Program data folder, it is because it is hidden. You will have to unhide it.

2. Paste the copied folder into a neutral location.

3. On what had been the client workstation, or a new computer go to C:\Programdata and paste-in the copied folder. This will preposition all of your original data and your previous backups onto the new computer and point it locally.

4. Install the latest version of Gradience. Select Standalone when prompted. 

When you click to download the installation file, you will be taken away from these instructions. By printing out these instructions, you can follow the steps below once you are on the web page where you will be downloading the installation tile.

5. To install version 12, download the installer here.

--CAUTION!-- The current version is only compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Server 2008
  • Server 2012

6. Launch the software on the new computer by using the same login and password, you used at the old computer.

--NOTE-- If you are encountering connectivity issues. Make sure that you have the latest release for the version you are using.



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