HRcalendar - How to install SQL Express 2005

Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express

Problem / Goal:

Windows 7 64-bit and Windows Server 2008 64-bit need to have SQL Express installed first before attempting to install HRcalendar.

--CAUTION-- HRcalendar will not currently function correctly in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Microsoft SQL Express 2005 will not install in those operating systems and HRcalendar relies on SQL Express for database purposes.


1. To download and Install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (55.4MB file) click this link.

2. Once on the web page, click Download, check SQLXPR.EXE and click Next and save it to the desktop.

--NOTE-- No changes need to be made during the SQL installation; leave the defaults)

3. After the download completes double-click the SQL Express installation file


4. Accept license agreement


5. Configuring components


6.  After the components have installed successfully as shown below, click Next.


7.  Press Next


8.Press Next


 9. Type the Name, Company, check Hide Advanced Configuration options, and then click Next.

 10. No changes need to be made, click Next


 11.Set to Default as shown below and then click Next.

12. No changes need to be made, click Next


 13. No changes need to be made, click Next


 14. No changes need to be made below so click Next.


 15. Click Install.


 16. After you get a green check mark for all of the listed items, click Next.

 17. When the final popup opens as shown below, click Finish.



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