Gradience TimeClock Enterprise - Install & Connect Web TimeStation - (32bit Operating Systems)

--IMPORTANT-- These instructions are not valid for Server 2012. These should also be unnecessary with the current release. Visit our Knowledge base for more TimeClock Articles.

Installing Web TimeStation

--NOTE-- If you encounter any installation issues and the target operating system is 64-bit please see the following article.

--NOTE-- The Web Time Station installation is meant to be installed on a server and requires IIS to be installed and turned on.  It is only available for the Gradience TimeClock Enterprise license. The Web Time Station can only be accessed through a virtual private network or your company's intranet. It is not supported by other remote desktop protocols.


  • Internet Information Services (IIS) Installed
  • .Net Framework 2.0+
  • Gradience TimeClock Enterprise Edition

You may install from the CD or from a download.

  • From a CD:
    Insert the Gradience CD, browse the CD and double-click the web time station install file
  • From a download: 
    After following the instructions on downloading Gradience to your desktop, double-click the WebTimeStationSetup.msi file to install

Server Installation:  You will be asked to enter the Enterprise license product key.

  1. Double-click the WebTimeStationSetup.msi file to start the installation process.
  2. Follow the installation screen prompts clicking the Next button after each step.


   3.   When prompted enter the TimeClock Enterprise license key provided at the time of purchase. The product key can be found in your order confirmation email or on the QuickStart guide provided in the software packaging. 


   4.    Keep the default settings in screen that designates where the files will be installed.


   5.    Keep the default settings in screen that designates the website as Default Web Site.


   6.    The Web Time Station will be installed to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\TimeStation\


   7.    Click the Install button.

Connecting to the Web TimeStation:

There are two ways to connect after following the instructions below:

  • From within the same secure Network, using a browser and entering the Time Station Web Address.
  • From outside the network, connecting to the computer where the Time Station Web is installed through a secure connection, such as VPN.

Enter the website address http://localhost/timestation into a new browser window 




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