Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Update all clients at once from the server

--IMPORTANT-- The server must be the first thing to be updated. Once the server is updated, the clients can follow.

This should only be done by an IT professional. We offer the steps below as a courtesy. We do not offer support for this process beyond the instructions below.

The process below was developed in-house by our software development team for versions of our software that use the .msi installer. The steps below are only valid for Gradience versions 11.0.1606.29 forward.It is not valid for earlier versions.

The current version of any of the Gradience software titles available under a Professional or Enterprises license [Gradience Attendance, Records, TimeClock, FMLA Tracker] is not compatible with Windows XP or with Vista or with Server 2003.

Silent or Passive Install

To do a silent or passive install you will need to use either the /quite or /passive parameter passed to the msi installer along with setting the proper variables.  This can be done directly as a command line or using a batch file.  Each product has it’s own property value along with install type, database server and file locations.  The passive parameter runs the install with no intervention required but will show status of the install.  Quite install runs with no GUI at all. An optional log file can be included but not required.

Please note that these commands can have no carriage returns or line feeds in them. In other words, it is one continuous line.

A client install, installing Attendance, FMLA Tracker, Time Clock and Time Station to server "Your Server Name" where the database file is located on "Your Server Name" at C:\ProgramData\Gradience\HRWARE.GDB. The MSI installation file is located on server edfs. Optional log file is included.

msiexec /i "\\edfs\Softdev\Testing\GradienceCore.msi" /quiet /l*v "\\edfs\Softdev\Testing\Gradience.log" DBFILE_FULLPATH=" C:\ProgramData\Gradience \HRWARE.GDB" DB_SERVER="YourServerName" INSTALL_ATTENDANCE="1" INSTALL_TIMECLOCK="1" INSTALL_TIMESTATION="1" TARGETTYPE="Client"

Standalone or Server install of all products. Note the server property is set to localhost. If running a TARGETTYPE of Standalone or Server, the property for DBFILE_PATH is needed for the installer to know where to copy the database files.

msiexec /i "\\edfs\Softdev\Testing\GradienceCore.msi" /passive  DBFILE_FULLPATH="C:\ProgramData\Gradience\HRWARE.GDB" DB_SERVER="LocalHost" INSTALL_ATTENDANCE="1" INSTALL_TIMECLOCK="1" INSTALL_TIMESTATION="1" INSTALL_FMLATRACKER="1" INSTALL_QUICKBOOKS="1"  TARGETTYPE="Standalone" DBFILE_PATH="C:\ProgramData\Gradience\" 



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