HRcalendar - Enterprise Server Client Installation

--IMPORTANT-- The server must be the first thing to be updated. Once the server is updated, the clients can follow.

HRcalendar Enterprise Server/Client Installation Instructions (Version 15.0.1205.21 and up support multiple concurrent users)

HRcalendar uses SQL Express for data management. It is assumed that SQL Server or
SQL Express 2005 is already installed on the server. If not, install SQL Express 2005 from SQL Server Express 2008/2012 are not supported at this time.

Server installation

--NOTE-- An HRcalendar Enterprise license is required.

1. Install the server setup file first, open the media CD/DVD or download the server installation setup file from

2. On the database connection screen (used to create and update the database), the
default windows authentication option is recommended. You may also choose to
manually enter an existing user and password that have already been created in SQL.
(This option is only recommended for experienced IT professionals.)


3. Click Next to install and Finish when complete.

4. The Server installation includes the Backup and Restore feature, the user creation utility
and the password recovery utility.

5. No shortcut is placed when the server installation is completed, you'll need to install the client vesion at the server if you wish to open the program. Navigate to folder C:\Program
Files\HRcalendar Software\HRcalendar or C:\Program Files (x86)\HRcalendar Software\HRcalendar to view and access the components installed.

Client installation

1. Open the media CD/DVD or download the client installation setup file from

2. When running the installation the popup window shown below will appear. In the upper-most field, please change the word local between the parentheses to  the name of the computer/server where you installed the Server portion of the software.

3. On this same popup window the first radio button (Windowsauthentication) is recommended. See image below.


4. Click Next to install and Finish when complete.

5. The application shortcut icon is placed on the desktop and the client may begin utilizing the software. 

--NOTE-- Click here to troubleshoot client connectivity issues.

--NOTE-- The installation of SQL Express is typically not required for a client installation of HRcalendar Enterprise.

User Creation Utility Instructions

If you are on a domain, you can use HRcalendarAddUser to create a user OR you may choose
to use SQL Management Studio.

1.From the Server - Click Start > All Programs > HRcalendar > Add HRcalendar User

2. Enter the domain followed by the user's Windows login username and press Add Useradd_user.PNG3. You will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to close the window. 


4. Repeat Step 2 to add any additional users that you would like to allow access to the
database stored on the server.

--NOTE-- If you are not using a domain computer, you must use SQL Management Studio to add
users. Refer to SQL Management Studio documentation for instructions provided by Microsoft.



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